Here's what people have been saying about The Dead Wife's Handbook so far...

Beautifully written and full of love.
Fern Britton

Original, emotive and achingly poignant... as with all the best books, it stays with you long after you've finished.
Heat Magazine, 2014 Books of the Year

A heartbreaking story about motherhood and love.
Hello! magazine's Best Summer Reads 2014

This is a debut so powerful it consumes you. With the pathos of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones, the heart of Cecilia Aherne's P.S I Love You and a profundity and bittersweet beauty all of its own, The Dead Wife's Handbook is an astonishing triumph.
We Love This Book

A moving and intriguing debut novel.
Fabulous Magazine

A lovely, sad and heart-breaking story that hits you on subtle levels provoking big reactions, deep thoughts and emotions. A fantastic debut novel.

It has the potential to change your life.
Erin, Erin's Choice

The Dead Wife's Handbook is filled with emotion, raw and real, which will no doubt be the tearjerker of the year.
Kevin, I Heart ChickLit

So many times I have heard people talk about how a book has changed their life and just thought 'that's ridiculous' but now I truly understand that saying.
Victoria, Victoria Loves Books

A real celebration of love, life and the human spirit.
Hadenmaiden, goodreads

One of the most beautiful portrayals of grief I will probably ever read.
Leah, ChickLit Reviews and News

A compelling and beautifully written account of... the grieving process. An emotional and yet uplifting read.
Karen, My Reading Corner

It is certainly an emotional journey, but one that is so adeptly delivered, that makes you feel more alive and grateful for having experienced it.
ChickLit Club

If this story doesn't pierce your heart and leave you looking at your nearest and dearest in sheer wonderment then, I'm sorry, but you have failed to appreciate the depth of emotion contained within its pages.
Charlotte, Best

A tale of grief told from a unique perspective, beautifully written, heartfelt and impassioned, this one will have you reaching for the tissues - some of those tears will be happy ones.
Liz, Liz Loves Books

Really tugged at my heartstrings and... kept me captivated throughout.
Cat, goodreads

The Dead Wifes Handbook is one of the best and most original books I've ever read. It's deep, emotional and thought-provoking.
Ana, This Chick Reads

A spellbinding story which I couldn't put down.
Glenda, goodreads

The Dead Wife's Handbook is a captivating story that will take you on an emotional journey.
Megan, Reading in the Sunshine

A thrilling, one-of-a-kind book. To say Beckerman provoked every emotion is an understatement.
Annalise, goodreads

This book was beyond beautiful and yet heart-breaking.
Steph, Judging Covers

Perfectly achieved, beautifully judged and you're left with the warmth of feeling that life does move on but love endures.
Anne, Being Anne

I will definitely be reading The Dead Wife's Handbook time and time again, this has firmly won a space as one of my all-time favourite books.
Kelly, Compelling Reads

Judging by this stellar debut, Hannah Beckerman is a bright new talent in fiction and I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.
My Good Bookshelf