Are Books on TV Dead? Enter The Bloggersphere.

A couple of weeks ago a new book discussion programme launched. It was hosted by a popular, well-known writer and journalist, sported a well-designed, cosy set abundant in brown leather sofas and antiquarian maps, and featured a trio of telegenic women discussing their latest books.

So far, so standard, right?

Except that this book show wasn’t on TV. And it wasn’t made by a broadcaster or a production company.

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ReadWomen2014: What Is Women’s Fiction Anyway?

Over the past few weeks a new Twitter hashtag has been doing the viral rounds, turning up in timelines and graduating from the Twitterverse to mainstream media.

The hashtag is #readwomen2014 and it was started by writer and illustrator Joanna Walsh as an attempt to counteract what she describes as the marginalisation of women in top literary journals.

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The Bibliophile’s Utopia

You know how sometimes you wish that everyone loved books as much as you do? That everyone loved books and talked about them and valued their contents as much as you? That everyone thought reading was one of life’s greatest pleasures and wanted to spend as much time immersed in a fictional world as you do?

I thought I might indulge myself and imagine just that. So here’s what would happen in my book-loving utopia:

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Why 2013 is my Year of the Book Blogger

So, today is New Year’s Eve. Which means one thing. It means that we all get to spend at least some part of the day reflecting on the twelve months that have just gone by and wondering about what the next twelve may hold in store. And given that there’s nothing I love better than a little bit of reflection, when I woke up this morning at 4.45am (well, when the bub woke me up, anyway) I started to think about just that.

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